How to save a YouTube video offline in android phone

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Hello Friends, After a long time I am back once again. From today onward I will be sharing tricks and tutorials on regular basis. Today, I was trying to download some YouTube videos on my android phone but unfortunately, my phone keep showing 'Not enough space' and 'Waiting for more storage' error and i was not able to download the videos. So I found a solution on google and thought to share with you guys. I hope you will find this trick useful. As we know that by default setting of storage is SD card in most of android phones and you will need to change storage settings to get rid of this error and in future if your internal memory is full then you could change the settings again to SD card or you could remove some files and videos from your internal phone storage to download your favorite video from YouTube.

Step 1: To solve this problem Open YouTube in your android phone and then tap on profile tab (showing you profile image)

Step 2: Then tap on 'Settings' tab

Step 3: Now, you will see many tabs, now tap on 'Downloads' tab (others are not the subject of this tutorial). You will see below screen.

Step 4: Disable 'Use SD Card' option from above screen. That's it.

Step 5: Now go to 'Downloads' section in your YouTube app and you will see your videos already started downloading.After finishing downloads you can change the storage setting to SD card.

So in above four steps, you will be able to resolve 'YouTube not enough space' issue.

Guys, please share your experience in the comment box below if this trick helps you in resolving 'Waiting for more storage' issue in YouTube app.

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