Tricks to get query string value in Laravel 5.x

Passing parameters in URL as a query string is very common in our day to day Laravel project development. Here in this post, I am going to show you guys the tricks to get query string value in Laravel 5.x versions. So without wasting the time of each other, let's start with the trick: Here… Read More »

A simple jQuery code to get selected radio button value

If you are creating a web form, where you need your customer to accept your web form’s terms and condition before submitting the form then, this article is useful for you to get selected radio button value to validate whether the customer has accepted your terms and conditions or not. Here are the steps that… Read More »

How to update composer in Laravel

Hello guys, welcome to In this article, I am going to explain ‘How to update composer in Laravel’.Before moving forward, lets understand what is composer then we will further know the steps to update the composer in your Laravel project easily. What is composer? Composer is a tool that allows us to manage the… Read More »

How do I undo the last commit using GIT command

GIT has a great feature that allows us to undo the last commit. In some cases like, by mistake, you had committed the changes to GIT, or your client said that he doesn't need previous changes; in such cases, you will have to undo previous changes from GIT. It also provide us feature to change… Read More »

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How to include JavaScript file into another JavaScript file

Before 2015, when the ES6 module was not introduced in JavaScript, there was no functionality available to import, include any file. However, when ES6 module introduced, we can import, include, and require files in JavaScript very easily with some lines of code. In this tutorial, we are going to include a JavaScript file into another… Read More »

Trick to remove public/index.php from URL in Laravel

If you found “public/index.php/” in your project's URLs and you want to remove that then, you will have to create an .htaccess file in your project's root directory and you have to put below code in it and save the .htaccess file. However; you have to make sure that the 'mod_rewrite' module is enabled on… Read More »

How to clear cache in Laravel 5

While working on Laravel projects, sometimes you face an issue that code changes that you are making are not reflecting on the web interface. This issue occurs because pages/interfaces are being served from the cache; therefore, changes are not reflecting on the web interface. To get rid of this type of issue we will have… Read More »

How to enable PHP error reporting on web browser

This tutorial is very much helpful for you if you are debugging an existing project or you are making a new project live, and suddenly your project stopped working, and you want to see errors on your web browser. There are two ways to display errors. The first one is to display error on the… Read More »

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