Creating Skype call/chat HTML link

By | August 8, 2020
Now days, it's very popular adding a Skype call button on websites. So that today, I am going to share with you a simple tutorial about how to add Skype call button on your html page. This tool enables you to create a link in your html page that launch Skype call and chat, so that your visitor can communicate with you. Although, it is common code, but mostly, we do not remember it. So here it is:

Skype link for Phone number:

<a href="callto://+1234567890">Call me at +1234567890a>

Skype link for Skype Username:

<a href="skype:myusername?call">Skype with us at usernamea>

Skype link for Skype chat:

<a href="skype:myusername">Chat with mea>

In the above examples, I have used dummy phone number and Skype user id. I suggest, before using these links to replace dummy numbers and Skype id with your original one.


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