How to bookmark all open browser tabs at once

By | August 8, 2020
If you are a programmer or a content writer or you are doing some research for your current needs and you are exploring various websites, e-commerce portals or you are searching for various YouTube videos and you found some videos interesting and you want watch them all when you have free time, so in this case, you would want to bookmark all the links that you found interesting. In this post, I am going to share with you a small trick that will save your time and you will be able to visit the links whenever you want in future if you haven't removed the links from your browser bookmarks bar.

So first we will see how to bookmark all open tabs in Google Chrome browser

In Google Chrome browser, you can easily save all tabs by following below steps:-

  • If you have already open the links that you want to bookmark
  • Then right click on any tabs or press CTRL+SHIFT+D
  • A pop up box will appear, now you will be asked to create a folder. Then put the name that you want and click on the save button. Your all tabs are now bookmarked in the browser and the folder will be visible on the bookmarks bar.
Or if you want, there are many Chrome extensions available for bookmarking tabs. You could install anyone of them.

Bookmarking tabs in Mozilla Firebox

Bookmarking all open tabs in Mozilla Firefox is same as bookmarking in Google Chrome browser all you need to do is right click on any tabs and click on 'Bookmark All Tabs..' option then a pop up box will appear type the name of the folder in which all open urls will be saved then click on 'Add Bookmarks' button.

Save all open tabs as favorites in internet explorer

Bookmarking all open tabs in internet explorer is bit different than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. To save tabs you will need to right click on any tabs as you do in Google Chrome and Firefox browser then click on 'Add tabs to favorites' option. And then a pop up box will appear in the right side, here you can see a folder with the name of current date when you expand it you can see all the links that you saved. And in the same pop up box you can see all previous folders that you saved in the past.
I hope you will like this tutorial. Please share your experience in the comment box below. I would love to hear your experience.

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