Emoji switcher in JavaScript same as Discord

About: This is Vanilla JavaScript emoji switcher that will enable your users to switch emoji icon hovering mouse on the item or on clicking/tapping the item. How to use emoji switcher? 1. Include the CSS and JavaScript file under the <HEAD>section of your web page. Like this: 2. Add the emoji switcher where you want… Read More »

jQuery – get the last class of an element

In some cases, we need to get the last class of an element so that, we can write our logic based on that. Today, we will see, how we can do the same using jQuery code. The jQuery Code: And here is the full example: Hope, it will help you.

How to hide element by id in jQuery

jQuery has a lot of methods available that can help you in performing task easily without writing multiple lines of codes in JavaScript. In this blog, I am going to share with you multiple tricks, by using, you can hide element by id in jQuery easily. Lets say, you have a <div> which has assigned… Read More »