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JavaScript and jQuery script to get current URL

In this article, I am going to explain two ways to get current URL using JavaScript and jQuery code snippet.   1) Get current URL using JavaScript: In below script, I have created a function alertURL() that will fetch the current URL using window.location.href method of the JavaScript. JavaScript Get Current Page URL function alertURL(){… Read More »

How to encode URL in JavaScript?

If you are looking to encode an URL that have an query string (like '?name=akhilesh shukla') on one of your page and you don't want your visitor's to see that or in some case like you want to redirect your visitor to a link where the link accept parameters in encoded format then you must… Read More »

How to remove query string parameter using jQuery

In this article we will talk about How to remove query string parameters using jQuery. First of all, we will understand why we use query string in a URL. We use query string in a URL to get required parameter value to execute in the current loaded page or to track the source of direction.… Read More »