How to clear cache in Codeigniter via inbuilt functions

What is caching in Codeigniter? In Codeigniter framework, caching is a technique that help developers to cache pages in order to acheive maximum performance from the cached web page. Although, Codeigniter is very fast in itself if we compare it with other frameworks like YII, Zend etc. because it is very less in size, less memory… Read More »

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How to enable PHP error reporting on web browser

This tutorial is very much helpful for you if you are debugging an existing project or you are making a new project live, and suddenly your project stopped working, and you want to see errors on your web browser. There are two ways to display errors. The first one is to display error on the… Read More »

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How to use MySQL FIND_IN_SET() Function in Codeigniter

Hello Guys, Today, I am going to share a very small but useful tutorial with you about how to use MySQL FIND_IN_SET() function in codeigniter. Let's say, you are creating a product listing page and the tag ids  associated with the product are stored in a comma separated column and you want to fetch all… Read More »

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Get domain name from URL in PHP

Hello guys, today I am going to tell you a small tip about 'How to get a domain name from URL in PHP'. Getting domain from url is not a big task and it can be parsed in maximum two or three lines of code. Here I am going to demonstrate you a simple way… Read More »

How to add days to date using PHP

Whether, you are printing a future date or you are creating a report in which, you need to create a weekly report or a monthly report and you want to add n number of days in current date to create your desired report then in such conditions this blog is useful for you. So lets… Read More »

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