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How to count number of files in a directory using PHP

If you are creating a gallery page or creating a job portal where a candidate can upload their CVs and other files in different formats and suddenly your boss asked you to tell him how many profiles have been created with the CVs, in this situation you have two options either you count the files… Read More »

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How to get php.ini file path on the server using PHP function

php.ini file is very useful configuration file in php that is required in an application developed in PHP platform, this file is used to control variables like max_upload_size, file timeout settings and resource limits etc.   There are couple of way to get php.ini file path. First one, by running phpinfo() function and second one… Read More »

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Remove elements from array using PHP

Hello friends, today i am going to tell you about how to remove elements from array using PHP. Although, this is not a complete tutorial but, is very tricky. To make this happen you will have use PHP unset() method and some more functions are available in PHP that can also help you. So, lets… Read More »

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