Create Editable Data Table In React

Category: React React Table | September 27, 2021
Author: archit-p
Official Page: Go to website
Last Update: September 27, 2021
License: MIT


With the help of this React component, you can create data tables so that, your user can add, edit, delete and search data just like database.

Basic Features:

  • You can resize columns.
  • Supported Cell data types – number, text, select.
  • You can rename column headers.
  • You can sort on individual columns.
  • Can add columns to left or right of a column or to the end.
  • User can edit data in cells.
  • You can add a new row of data.
  • You can delete a column.
  • You can change data type of any cell.

How to install it?

First, clone this repository from GitHub.

git clone

Install dependencies:

npm install
npm start