List of various emoji related plugins.

A vanilla JavaScript emoji picker with auto-complete

About: This is a simple vanilla JavaScript emoji picker that allows, your users to choose emojis from auto-complete dropdown while typing emoji keywords. Auto-complete dropdown suggests result based on entered keyword. How to use emoji picker? 1. Download using Download button above and import the required modules. 2. Create a <INPUT> tag in your document.… Read More »

800+ emojis library for CSS – emoji-awesome

About: emoji-awesome library contains 800+ emojis with various sets such as Facebook, twitter etc. This is cross platform and easy to use which requires not JavaScript code at all. Emoji sets supported: Apple emoji support Twitter emoji support Messenger emoji support Google emoji support Facebook emoji support Emoji-one emoji support Emoji types: People Nature Objects… Read More »

Emoji switcher in JavaScript same as Discord

About: This is Vanilla JavaScript emoji switcher that will enable your users to switch emoji icon hovering mouse on the item or on clicking/tapping the item. How to use emoji switcher? 1. Include the CSS and JavaScript file under the <HEAD>section of your web page. Like this: 2. Add the emoji switcher where you want… Read More »