Mobile UI components for Vue.js – vant

Category: Vue.js Vue.js Others | September 7, 2021
Author: youzan
Official Page: Go to website
Last Update: September 7, 2021
License: MIT

vuejs mobile ui component


Vant is a lightweight and simple to to use Mobile UI Components for Vue.js, which comes with various features such as:


  • With over 65+ reusable components
  • 1kb Component average size (min+gzip)
  • 90%+ Unit test coverage
  • Extensive documentation and demos available
  • It support Vue 2 & Vue 3
  • It support Tree Shaking
  • It support Custom Theme
  • It support i18n
  • It support TS
  • It support SSR

How to install and use it?

1. Install the Vant component with NPM.

npm i [email protected] -S

2. Import the Vant UI components.

import { createApp } from 'vue';
import { Button } from 'vant';
import 'vant/lib/index.css';

3. Register the component.

const app = createApp();

Change log:


  • Sku: added custom-upload prop
  • Fixed: Field: field-error-message-font-size var name
  • Fixed: Popup: fix memory leak issue


  • Uploader: added click-upload event
  • Uploader: added read only prop
  • Fixed: Field: text-area scroll to top after resizing
  • Fixed: Rate: should enable flex wrap
  • Fixed: Tabs: remove invalid head padding for card type