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1) Website Usage Policy is a free database of study material and online-based learning tutorials in different aspects that are needed to make you well-groomed with the type of questions asked in various interviews or competitive exams. Its main motto is to gather and share information as well as to brush-up your interpersonal skills in software technology. The site authority takes no charge for any damage/consequence that might occur due to admittance of some incorrect or invalid information and you can use the content on the website solely at your own risk. By using the resources and tools of the site, you indicate your affirmation of our policy and that you abide to it. In case you find yourself dissatisfied with the website or its contents, then you may either communicate the issue via a written notification to our Copyright Agent on the given mail address, or may stop using website services in most advanced levels. We do not take any responsibility for your access to our website you can make your own arrangements to exercise the website contents effectively. We reserve the right to withdraw or revise any part of the website in our sole discretion at any time without notifying you. Also, we do not abide to account for unavailability of all or any particular part of the website at any time instant or for a certain time period.

The website invites data from different users/visitors worldwide and asserts that they own that data or otherwise have legal rights to redistribute it freely. takes no significant steps for disputes related to ownership, copyright or trademark of the data submitted to it. Even so, utmost care is taken while compiling the information submitted by the enthusiastic user the site does not guarantee the accuracy of the content submitted as well as the degree of correctness of questions, answers, codes or any other content. Also we reserve the rights to disallow posting of any data submission, to alter submission and to remove a submission from the site. The site authority may exercise this right without any prior notification to the data holders. All the trademarks and company names published in this site are directed to their respected owners and companies.

2) Registration into Site

The viewers are hereby invited to sign up for the membership on the website, in their own interest, though it is not a mandatory requirement to view the study tutorials on the website. The registration into the site allows the users to maintain as well as revise the information that they submit into the website. The account information furnished during the registration process cannot be changed, shared or used by us or any third-parties without your due consent. Furthermore, the site never follow any verification process of your registered personal information, it is however, your sole responsibility to provide accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the Service’s registration form. Relatively, lay into strict consideration to suspend or to permanently delete membership of any user, if the content or account information provided by him/her is found to be inaccurate, incomplete or inapplicable to the required criteria, or if the user is found to violate terms and conditions of the site in any manner.

3) Copyright Infringement

We adhere to the rules and regulations implied in prohibiting any kind of infringement on your given content. The content standards are applied to all User Contributions to and terms of use of Interactive services, if offered. The content posted by the user, in every means, should comply with all germane local and international laws. Without limiting the precedent, the user must forbid inclusion of the content that is obscene, defamatory, abusive, offensive, harassing, indecent, objectionable or otherwise inflammatory. Also, it is to be noted that, the content must not promote any sexually explicit or pornographic materials, illegal activity, violence, commercial activities, sales or discrimination based on race, sex, community, nationality, gender, disability or age. Your submitted content should not cause annoyance, unnecessary anxiety, inconvenience or embarrassment by deceiving or giving the impression that it aroused from or are approved by us or any other person or entity. The content should not infringe the legal rights (along with right of publicity and privacy) of others or any patent, trade secret, or other rights to of third-parties.

Without limiting the prior notification, reserves the rights to fully cooperate with law enforcement authorities requesting or subjecting towards disclosure of identity or other relevant information of the individual posting content on or through the website. We reserve the right, but not the obligation, to review, screen or edit any contribution by the user to the website. It is hereby, noted that, such contributions do not pose the views of the Company or are endorsed by the Company.

4) User Obligations and Representation

It is hereby declared to the users to exercise the services on only for non-commercial, lawful purposes only that go along our Terms of Services and privacy norms. The major concern that the company upholds in regard to the website usage is to preserve the material on the site against any violation to the local or international laws/ regulation. You are strictly forbidden from sending, illegitimately receiving, uploading, downloading or re-using any code or content which do not agree to the Content standards. Also, you are requested not to impersonate or attempt to impersonate the site authority, its contributors, other users or any person or entity, since this might create charges against you in any legal form. Also, you may not be allowed to introduce or co-brand the website or hyperlink to it without taking permission of an authorized representative of the company.

5) Anti-Spam Policy is sensitive of the aggressive cyber threats like sending spam or unsolicited emails in your membership account. For the same, we suggest you on not using our services, email system or the referral for your personal or commercial purposes. You are strictly prohibited from using anything that can damage, disable, overburden or impair the website as a whole or in part. You are highly restricted on introducing viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs or other destructive utilities in the website materials as theses can interfere in smooth working of the website. Neglecting any of our policy statement in any form may subject to violation of respective laws and therefore, it may force the company to take necessary actions against the defaulters.

6) Privacy Policy

The prime objective of is to convey knowledge through the medium of our study tutorials and to provide hands-on training in various software packages through online mode of learning. All-in-all our efforts are directed to make you well-groomed for different interviews and also help you to accomplish in various competitive exams. Since, few tutorials or software packages may require your membership on the site, so you may have to register your personal information. Withal, we assure you that, any kind of information that you submit on our website will be safely stored in our database system and will not be shared or changed at any cost for the need of other users and other third parties, without your permission. We might only use your information for our market research, to improve our services as a whole, or to contact you, whenever required. reserves the right to change the policy statement at any moment without notifying you before. However, the modifications will be either acknowledged to you through mailing on your given registration email address or by highlighting them in the notice page on our website. We assure you to present the previous versions of the privacy policy for your reviews.