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Create Multi-select Drop-down With VueJS 3 – vue-next-select

Description: Create multi-select drop-down field with VueJs plugin called vue-next-select. This plugin is simple use, light-weight and with many features. Such as: Single select Multiple select Tagging Group Filtering / Remote Searching Asynchronous support No dependencies Aims to follow WAI-ARIA for the combobox and listbox widget How to use it? 1. Install the plugin with… Read More »

Hotel Booking Date Range Picker For VueJS

Description: Are creating a application, where you need to integrate date range picker so that, your customer can book the room etc? Then, this component is right for your. This component is specially created for hotel booking. vue-hotel-datepicker is fully responsive hotel date range picker for VueJS that will show the number of nights selected… Read More »

A Simple To Use Persian Date Time Picker For VueJS

Description: Are you creating a project for Persian language? Then, you might need in your project to implement Persian date time picker for specific requirement. Here, we are sharing with you date picker for Persian language, which is light-weight and simple to use. How to use it? 1. Install the component with npm. 2. Import… Read More »

A Simple Popover Component For VueJS 3

Description: A simple to use, fully customizable and light-weight popover component for VueJS 3. Which is inspired and based on PopperJs. How can I use it? 1. Install the component using npm or yarn. 2. Import the component in your file. 3. Now, register the component. Like following: 4. If, you want to show the… Read More »

Implement Beautiful Password Strength Meter In VueJS

Description: Password strength meter in VueJs is an indicator, that shows the strength of the password entered by the user. It can be either in text form or in a graphical form. vue-simple-password-meter is a simple and light-weight password strength meter, written in vanilla JS. How to use it? 1. Install the vue-simple-password-meter library using… Read More »