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A Fully Customizable Tree Viewer For VueJS

Description: A Fully customizable tree viewer for VueJS project that is, simple to use and very light in size. You can create n number of child’s and can customize as per your requirement. How to use it? 1. Install the component using npm or yarn. 2. Import the component in your file, like this. 3.… Read More »

A Light-weight And Simple QR Code Reader For Vue.js 3

Description: vue-qrcode-reader is a Vue.js 3 component that will help you, if you are looking to implement simple QR Code Reader in your project. This library has three components. Which are as following: QrcodeStream: This component enables your application to access the camera of the device of the user. QrcodeDropZone: This component creates the space… Read More »

Material Design Tabs For Vue.js

Description: A fully customizable material design tabs for Vue.js, which is inspired by Android Material Design and easy to integrate in your project and light-weight. Features: Nav with dynamic pagination. Touchable pagination. Vertical support. Very flexible and customizable Multiple style themes. Zero dependencies How can I use it? 1. Install the component. 2. Import the… Read More »

A Beautiful Notification Library For Vue.js 3

Description: A beautiful notification library for Vue.js 3 that, enables you to create animated notifications in your application with features like, close button, custom templates and custom styles, and its easy to integrate in your project. How can I use it? 1. You will need to install the component with npm or yarn. 2. Add… Read More »